Our vision is a world with a safe and stable climate for current and future generations. As communications professionals, we are committed to fostering fact-based public discourse and we work to build broad support for just, inclusive and equitable solutions to the climate crisis.


About GSCC

We are an international, collaborative network of communications professionals in the field of climate, energy and nature. Our philanthropically funded work aims at informing and strengthening media debate and public discourse at the global level and in major economies worldwide.

Science-based Stories

We promote science-based stories about the zero-carbon transition and its benefits for people and nature, while highlighting the consequences of inaction.

Communication Expertise

We support a diverse range of partners across sectors and geographies, helping them add their voices, views and insights to the conversation.

Timely Media Support

We provide media with helpful background information, and a broad range of interesting spokespeople from across the political spectrum.

Network Members

Our work complements and enhances the work of others in the fields of science, business, industry, finance, politics and civil society. The GSCC is a collaborative network of people working across a number of different organisations.

Some of our network partners include: ClimaInfo, Climate Dialogue Japan, Climate Media Hub, Climate Nexus, Cuttlefish Digital, Energymedia, European Climate Foundation and Periodistas por el Planeta.

Our Leadership


"The climate emergency is with us today. We urgently need to do everything we can to tackle this existential crisis. At the GSCC, we channel our deep passion for tackling global warming into unbranded strategic communications to support the vitally important goals encapsulated by the Paris Agreement."

Tom Brookes
Tom Brookes, former Executive Director of Strategic Communications at the European Climate Foundation, is responsible for the GSCC and engages partners and colleagues across the network to coordinate its work.

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